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Dry Ice – 10lb


Dry Ice – 50lb


Dry Ice Safety

Dry ice is 110 degrees below zero. That’s cold!

Never handle dry ice with your bare hands, it will burn you as quickly as a flame. Always always always wear gloves!!!!

Be careful when breaking dry ice, small pieces may fall to the ground where they can be hazardous to children, adults, pets and bare feet.

Do not breathe the fumes of dry ice, it’s pure carbon dioxide. Use plenty of ventilation when using dry ice.

Do not place dry ice in an airtight sealed container.

Do not use dry ice with food or drink to be served, it can shatter glass, freeze food so it may stick to the lips of a
person. Do not use dry ice with beverages.

Do not let children handle dry ice. Dry ice is not a toy, if mishandled or swallowed, it can cause serious injury.

Dry ice MUST stay on top of ice cream.